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SiLLibake’s founder Nini P. has been a lover of food, cooking & baking since watching her mom & aunts in the kitchen at a very young age. They taught Nini the importance of connecting with people through cooking & baking and having fun in the kitchen.

Her passion led her to design kitchenware products that are convenient & practical to use, easy to clean & beautiful tools to reach for in your kitchen.


SiLLibake™ Baking Products are sold exclusively on Amazon in Canada, United States & Mexico.

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SiLLibake Baking Cups

12 Pack Standard Size Muffin and Cupcake Liners with Grip Tabs
Durable Platinum Silicone | BPA Free | Non-Stick | Dishwasher Safe | Food Grade | Non-Toxic
SiLLibake Baking Cup Features
SiLLibake Baking Cup Dimensions
SiLLibake Baking Cups are Multi-Purpose
Non-Slip Grip Tabs

SiLLibake Silicone Baking Cups

These beautiful baking cups will inspire you to bake every day!

They can be placed in a standard muffin tin or on a flat baking sheet. There is a batter fill line inside each cup for consistent sizing. These great-looking cups are made of durable, food-grade PLATINUM SILICONE which is non-toxic & BPA-free. The functional grip tabs allow you to transfer your cups without any spillage.

No greasing or cooking spray required; the silicone material allows for easy release every time. Clean-up is a breeze! Super quick to clean and dishwasher safe.

What People Are Saying About
SiLLibake Baking Cups

5-Star Review

“Breakfast too!
These cupcake molds are so great. Easy to use. You can either put in a cupcake tray or just on a baking sheet. They will stand up on their own. I tried both methods and it worked! Clean up is a breeze.
Going to add these to my Christmas shopping list.
Made egg bites this morning- better than Starbucks.”

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JohnAmazon Verified Purchaser

5-Star Review

“Flawless muffins every time.
These are great for several reasons: Firstly I love how easy to store these are- no need for a muffin pan. Secondly, it’s like peeling off cupcake paper- that’s exactly how it works. I do recommend you wait for your baked good to cool just a bit before you remove the silicone baking cups. Will be buying these as Christmas gifts for the bakers on my list. Also- my son loves baking and I have to say kids love anything with colour and texture. It just makes it that much more fun for kids.”

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MelAmazon Verified Purchaser

5-Star Review

“They work great!
These liners are amazing! I usually struggle with sticky banana breads when using almond or coconut flour and have to line baking trays with parchment paper.. or use cooking sprays ..these cupcakes came out of the liner effortlessly and perfectly in tact !! They are AMAZING!! Would definitely recommend.”

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PaulaAmazon Verified Purchaser

5-Star Review

“The handles in this design are functional and make baking easier.
I used these for breakfast eggs. The handles made it easy to remove the baking cups out of the muffin pan to cool off. They have become my new baking staple. I recommend this product.”

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NicolaAmazon Verified Purchaser

5-Star Review

“Received my Sillibake cups today and love them. They are so easy to use and clean afterwards.
These will make perfect gifts for the bakers in my family.”

NikkiGoogle Review

5-Star Review

I purchased these silicone baking cups and made egg muffins in them. So easy, delicious and versatile. I made oatmeal muffins, egg bites, fudge bites and egg muffins. They are great and the kids love using them too!

RosaGoogle Review

5 stars


5 stars


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